Every first and third Tuesday of the month we have our Brother's Fellowship.  This ministry is truly a blessing for our men of God.  The purpose of men coming together is best stated in Psalm 133:1; "to dwell together in unity."  During this fellowship, men join together and discuss a number of topics related to marriage, child rearing, headship and finances, just to name a few.  Pointing men in the right direction is truly a challenge in this modern time, but with God's help all things are possible.  It is our goal to restore man back to his original spiritual condition in God.


The women of the Living Gospel Church meet on the fourth Saturday of each month.  The purpose of this ministry is to nurture the women of our church as they come to faith, christian maturity and service through interaction with God and one another.  Our monthly bible studies and events will inspire your heart, enrich your life and strengthen your relationships, especially your relationship with the Lord.


Our youth ministry is a very important aspect of the church.  Through this ministry, our goal is, first and foremost, to encourage young people to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  With this goal in mind, we have created a Youth Council which facilitates spiritual and natural interaction with our youth.  Youth activities often include lock-ins, retreats, and the youth choir.  We also allow our youth to take the lead in worship every first Sunday of the month.  Jesus said "suffer the little children to come unto me."  For this reason, our heart is to obey the word of God by providing the biblical and spiritual foundation necessary for our youth to grow in their relationship with God.


Our Music Ministry is outstanding, and we are blessed to have a variety of singers and musicians.  The word of God tells us to come before his presence with singing, and that singing ushers in the presence of God.  Accordingly, we believe music and singing is truly a ministry rather than just a performance since it touches the heart in a special way.  The bible also tells us that David played a harp skillfully and drove an evil spirit away from King Saul.  Therefore, when people come to the church weighed down, the ministry of music and singing is designed to lift their spirit.  Sing unto the Lord a new song and let his praise fill the temple.