The Living Gospel Church
was started in the home of Mother Margaret Houze, who lived at 1251 1/2 E. 34 Street in Los Angeles, California.  The Church was founder by Brother P.H. Jefferson, who would later become a Bishop with several churches under his ministry.  Brother Jefferson met Mother Houze at a church meeting in Oakland, California, and saw her again at a church service in Chino, California.  In those days it took several hours to travel from South Los Angeles to Chino because there were no freeways.  Furthermore, there were no Los Angeles Body of Christ churches and she made the sacrifice of riding in the back of a pick-up truck to Chino every Sunday, along with her closest friend Mother Savannah Tolbert. Mother Houze invited Brother Jefferson to start bible classes in her home and that was the birth of The Living Gospel Church.

Mother Houze was influential in bringing several people to the bible class, and later to the church.  Mother Houze and Mother Tolbert attended the bible classes and became pillars of the church.  Mother Tolbert kept the church sparkling clean, cooked for most fellowship meetings, and served as "guardian" of the young people; making sure they did not destroy church property and were not on the parking lot being too intimate.  Mother Houze's granddaughter, six year old Sarah Jane Houze, was the first young person in the church and she was in attendance at those bible classes.  Sarah would later become Brother Jefferson's daughter-in-law and would be so vital to him as a caregiver during his dying days.  Mother Houze invited several other members to the church who would serve as faithful members.  Sister Westbrook, a next door neighbor to Mother Houze, joined the bible classes and actually became the first guitar and piano player of the church.  Sister Rose Dixon, also invited by Mother Houze, became a faithful member for over twenty years until her death.

In 1951, The Living Gospel Church became an official church and was incorporated by the State of California.  The location moved from 34th Street to 5332 S. Avalon Boulevard.  The church began to grow as God brought in people from various parts of the country.  Among those came a lady by the name of Polly Gray. After just one visit to the church, she became a member and soon became the new pianist.  Through Sister Gray, God brought in several people to the church, including her nephew, Brother John Griffin, now a pastor in Pittsburgh, Texas.  As the church started to outgrow  the Avalon Boulevard location, it was necessary to move to a larger location.  Brother Jefferson made an attempt to purchase a church located on Wall Street and 52nd in Los Angeles.  At the last minute, the seller backed out of the deal and the sale was voided.  The lost sale changed the course of The Living Gospel Church history as Brother Jefferson was forced to look else where for a church.  In 1957, while praying in the Avalon Boulevard church during noon day prayer, Brother Jefferson had a vision of an old church with a steeple and bell.  He could hear the bell ringing as he prayed.  While continuing to pray, the telephone rang and Brother Jefferson Answered it.  His aunt, Sister Delzine Evans, a real estate broker at the time in Los Angeles, told him of a church for sale, located on the corner of Gage and Makee Avenue in Los Angeles. The church needed a lot of work, including painting, removing of weeds in the working area, plumbing and more.  The church had a steeple with a bell, but the steeple needed to be repaired.  Immediately, Brother Jefferson took a contingent of people to see the church and made an offer.  God gave the church to The Living Gospel  Church.  The church flourished on Gage and Makee.  God brought in many people, most notably a neighbor named Sister Geneva Gaines, a mother of eight children.  It was through her church involvement that God brought in an aggregate of people from Texas.  Also, God brought in a man by the name of Brother Andrew Jones to bring in many, many people.

In 1970, The Living Gospel Church moved to its current address of 6601 Compton Avenue, Los Angeles, California.  During the last years of Bishop Jefferson's ministry, he trained ministers and eventually pastors were sent out to expend The Living Gospel to areas in California and other parts of the country, including the Dallas assembly here in Texas.  The name The Living Gospel Church was given directly to Bishop Jefferson by God, who promised to use him as He (God) had "used other vessels."  Bishop Jefferson passed away on May 24, 1991, having served for 40 years.  He was succeeded by Brother  D.L. Jones who currently serves as the presiding Bishop.

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